2022 Festival Lineup

Mainstage Production

A Canyon Contained by Jena McLean

The morning after an eventful high-school party, two distant sisters find themselves trapped together on the drive back home. On one side, Jessica is glad to leave her reality behind for the sake of a new cause and a chance to build a bridge. On the other side, Regan struggles to make sense of her night and uncover the agenda behind her sister’s new interest in connecting. As confessions, callouts and questions around consent come into play, the ride turns rocky and the political and personal intertwine.

Directed by Natasha MacLellan

Featuring Lara Lewis and Megan Murphy

July 20-23, 7:30 p.m. nightly at Theatre New Brunswick’s Open Space Theatre (55 Whiting Road). Tickets available at the door for 20$ regular, 15$ senior/student/underwaged.

Acting Out: Two One-Act plays

The two winners of the 2022 NotaBle Acts One-Act Playwriting Contest

Murder Mondays

by Julianne Richard

In this love letter to the whodunnit, an esteemed naval captain is found murdered in his countryside home, with a slew of possible suspects. For the investigating detective, though, the crime is the least pressing mystery she needs to solve, and strange and shocking twists and turns abound.

Directed by Jake Martin

Featuring Rose Messenger, Jason McIntyre, Brenna Gauthier, and Alex Fullerton

I Hope You Can See the Birds

by Kaitlyn Adair

In this intimate narrative of death and dying, together with his daughter and granddaughter, Bryan, a senior in hospital after suffering a heart attack, confronts his own mortality in a long string of goodbyes, heartbreaks, visions, and enlightenments.

Directed by Alex Rioux

Featuring John Macaulay, Dani Brun, Circe Cain, Devin Rockwell, and Julie McDonald

Both plays will be performed as a double bill from July 28-30, 7:30pm, nightly, at Memorial Hall, UNB (9 Bailey Drive). Tickets available at the door for 15$ regular, 10$ senior/student/underwaged.

Taking it to the Streets: Four 10-Minute Plays

The four winners of the 2022 NotaBle Acts Ten-Minute Playwriting Contest


by Sandra Kell

All Jackie needs is a few moments of silence to get her fussy baby to sleep, but this evening the world, and a particularly persistent missionary, has other plans.

Directed by Emily Darling

Featuring Al Newling, Hailey Trifts, Gray Miller, and Adrian Saliendra

Keeping Tabs

by Brandon Hicks

Online interruptions abound as every tab on Allie’s computer can’t stop chiming in as she preps for her date with Nina.

Directed by Jane Deil

Featuring Diana Chavez, Alex Pannier, and Kaylee MacNeil

To Dig or Not to Dig

by Julianne Richard

A famed paleontologist and her younger protégé spar over professional ethics, unearthing frank disapprovals of one another’s methods.

Directed by Armin Panjwani

Featuring Rebecca Tremblay and Adrian Saliendra

Chicken Man

by Mary Walker

Never having accepted that it is her genetic destiny to remain earthbound, Tootsie the chicken is determined to follow his icon, the comic book superhero Chicken Man, on a path into the skies and glory.

Directed by Julianne Richard

Featuring Ben McIntosh, Madeline Savoie, Emily Darling, and Alex Pannier

Performed 7:30-8:30 PM nightly, July 24-27 outdoors in the Beaverbrook Art Gallery Courtyard (703 Queen St.) (weather permitting). Bring a seat cushion or blanket and dress for the weather.

Admission: Pay-what-you-will

Street Scenes: Two Site-Specific Plays

Historical Walking Tour/ Where We Go One, We Go All

by Gillian Salmon

A misguided walking tour of downtown Fredericton and a yoga class forced off the rails by misinformation compete for laughs in this duology of sketches.

Directed by Sydney Hallett

Featuring Al Newling, Diana Chavez, Thomas Johansen, and Mallory Kelly

A Toast to Happiness

by Sana Hashmat

A groom with cold feet falls into a paradoxical loop of questioning his fate with his best man.

Directed by Scott Harris

Featuring Brendan Garnett and Jason Crow

Performed at 8:30 PM nightly, July 24-27 outdoors, beginning near the Beaverbrook Art Gallery Courtyard (weather permitting) (703 Queen St.). Bring a seat cushion or blanket and dress for the weather.

Admission: Pay-what-you-will

Play Out Loud: Reading of New Plays in Development

Readings of runners-up in the 2022 NotaBle Acts One-Act Playwriting Contest


by Erin Russell

Desperate to secure the social media presence needed to land a key arts grant, a jaded ceramics artist dabbles in the occult and makes an ill-advised Faustian bargain.

Directed by Len Falkenstein

Featuring Mary Walker, Alex Pannier, Lara Lewis, and Sarah Osier


by Ryca McCullough

An unlikely friendship forms and imposter syndrome sets in at Mrs. Mordig’s Academy for Gifted Students.

Directed by Neomi Iancu Haliva

Featuring Song Phung and Emmannuelle Jackson

Performed at 2 PM, July 24 in the RBC Room, Beaverbrook Art Gallery (703 Queen St.)

Admission: Pay-what-you-will

Play Out Loud: Readings of New Plays in Development

Featuring the winner and runner-up in the 2022 NotaBle Acts High School playwriting contest

Here Without You

by Anna Houston

Exploiting a glitch in a time-altering simulation, Danny steps back in time to see an old friend, with heart-rending consequences.

Directed by Devin Rockwell

Featuring Seth Giberson, Alex Fullerton, Diana Chavez

Out of Time

by Merrit Johnson

An art gallery pelts a disgruntled psychologist back through time and space, where she discovers Vincent Van Gogh and re-discovers what she’d been missing.

Directed by Madeline Savoie

Featuring Maria Di Carlo, Gray Miller, Dan Legare, Nicole Zacharuk, and Sarah Osier

Performed at 2 PM, July 30 at The Open Space Theatre (55 Whiting Road)

Admission: Pay-what-you-will