For ease of access, all of our programs will be available digitally this year. All programs optimized for viewing on mobile.

Taking it to The Streets: 5 Short Plays

I Saw Nicholas Cage by Jason Mcintyre

Camp by Muriel Falkenstein

What Not to Do on a Date (When You’re Undead) by Sophie Tremblay-Pitre

The Nine Ordinary Lives of The Infamous Cat Girl by Alex Rioux

Art Attack by Jason Mcintyre

Mainstage Production:

Space Girl by Jean-Michel Cliche

Playwright in Residence Reading:

Bluebirds by Vern Thiessen

Play Out Loud: Readings of Plays in Development

Myrtle by Axel Kelly Spurles, Samantics by Alex Dawson, Every Apple in The Orchard by Noah Deas

Out of Water by Madeline Savoie, The Kelpie by Alex Rioux:

Everything is Here by Devin Rockwell, Wrack and Ruin by Meg Edwards: