The Festival

Play Out Loud:

Readings of the Winners of the 2017 NotaBle Acts Middle School and High School Playwriting Contests (and Festival Kickoff Party!)

Tuesday, July 25, 7:30 PM, Unplugged: A Board Games Café, 418 Queen Street | Admission: by donation

Middle School Contest Winners:

The Afterlife by Brendan Foley

Being the last two people on earth = Worst. Date. Ever.

I Choose Life by Kayley Clark

A depressed Kale has to choose which voice to listen to, The Beast or The Calm.

High School Contest Winner:

The Fog by Adrien Beaman

A guidance counsellor helps a young student who struggles with the everyday pressures of high school.

Mainstage Production

Grace Notes by Patrick Toner

Disgraced soldier Grace Neill, traumatized from an overseas tour, is re-assigned to a bagpipe band in the “Territories.” There, she is reunited with an estranged family torn by religion and learns to fight a new enemy: herself. Grace Notes is a powerful, moving story about choosing sides — without knowing which side is which.

Directed by Clarissa Hurley. Starring Leah Holder, Warren Macaulay, Caroline Coon,  Joel Diamond, and Devin Luke.

Performances: Thursday, July 26- Saturday, July 29, 7:30 PM nightly, Black Box Theatre, Saint Thomas University | Admission: $20 Regular, $15 Student/Senior/Underwaged

Site-Specific Production

The Marcy Case by Arianna Martinez

Marcy’s serving serious time at the library for committing a serious crime. Will she be able to find the man who can restore her Great Expectations and deliver her from one Dickens of a problem?

Directed by Len Falkenstein. Starring Hannah Blizzard, Alex Rioux, and Emma Wilkes.

Performances: Sunday, July 30, 4 PM; Wednesday, August 2, 7:30 PM; Saturday, August 5, 3 PM | Fredericton Public Library, Art Gallery, Main Floor | Admission: Free

Taking it to the Streets: Four 10-Minute Plays

Here Be Dragons by Tilly Jackson

When Lady Liana and her not entirely brave companion Sir Edward the Gallant set out to slay the fearsome dragon that has been terrorizing their village, they’re in for both more and less than they bargained for.

Directed by Miguel Roy. Starring Alex Pannier, Melissa McMichael, and Aaron Ellis.

Gamma Man by Brandon Hicks

Harry Hooper has a shocking, stupendous secret he’s been keeping from his wife of 25 years! But he might not be the only one with something up his sleeve.

Directed by Kat Hall. Starring Marc Gagnon and Bridget Spence.

Interview for Two by Alex McAllister

After being on the receiving end of a few harsh rejections, Jonathan decides to take a novel approach to dating by applying for a position … as Alison’s boyfriend.

Directed by Amelia Hay. Starring Kevin Belyea and Lee Thomas.

Brainstorm by Gordon Mihan

When Becky’s got a heap of homework trouble, who’s she gonna call? Cue the Brain Brigade: Frontal Lobe, Temporal Lobe, and Occipital Lobe!

Directed by Robbie Lynn. Starring Julianne Richard, Kevin Belyea, Austin Thomas, and Esther Soucoup.

5 PM, Sunday, July 30, outdoors in Officers’ Square, downtown Fredericton (following site-specific performance of The Marcy Case, Fredericton Public Library)
8:30 PM, Monday, July 31, indoors at the Picaroons Roundhouse, 880 Union Street (following Play Out Loud performance of Both Sides)
8:15 PM, Wednesday, August 2, outdoors in Officers’ Square, downtown Fredericton (following site-specific performance of The Marcy Case, Fredericton Public Library)
3:45 PM, Saturday, August 5, indoors in the Chickadee Room, Main Floor, Fredericton Public Library (following site-specific performance of The Marcy Case, Fredericton Public Library)
Admission: free

Play Out Loud: Readings of New Plays in Development

7:30 PM, Monday, July 31 and Tuesday, August 1 | Picaroons Roundhouse, 880 Union Street | Admission: by donation

Monday, July 31

Both Ways by Jeff Lloyd

Nineteen-year olds Courtney and Taylor can’t wait to get out of Brewster. Thirty-five year old Dr. Beth Cooper is thinking of moving back from Toronto and taking over as town doctor. Their worlds collide with that of Jake Matthews, Beth’s old flame, as they ponder the push and pull of rural New Brunswick from the confines of the Thirsty Duck tavern.

Directed by Linda McNutt. Starring Leah Holder, Ian Murphy, Stephanie Doucette, and Amelia Hay.

To be followed by performance of Taking it to the Streets: Four 10-Minute Plays

Tuesday, August 1

Switched by 2017 NotaBle Acts Playwright/Dramaturg in Residence Anna Chatterton

It’s Claudia’s 35th birthday. But it’s also Sandy’s, who’s arrived with a birthday cake and an announcement: She and Claudia were switched at birth, and Sandy is here to switch places into her rightful status in this family. As Sandy desperately inches closer to her birth parents, Claudia is edged out of her family, her home, her life and her identity.

Directed by Lisa Anne Ross. Starring Tania Breen, Leah Holder, Elizabeth Goodyear, Michael Holmes-Lauder, and Len Falkenstein.

The Dealer Always Wins by Dylan Sealy

Burbank struggles to maintain his double life as a supposedly respectable businessman by day while being a drug dealer by night, and to control his protégé and prize runner, seventeen year old Carly.

Directed by Len Falkenstein. Starring Aaron Ellis, Stephanie Doucette, and Amelia Hay.

Acting Out: Two One Act Plays

Hinter by Jean-Michel Cliche

In a post-apocalyptic Canada where nature and monsters have reclaimed the land, a pair of young sisters try to find solace in the place they once called home. Hinter is a play about purpose, guardianship and the stories we tell ourselves.

Directed by Sharisse LeBrun. Starring Amanda Thorne, Telina Debly, and Ryan Griffith.

It Happened at a Party by Caroline Coon

A sexual assault takes place at a high school party, amidst a haze of alcohol and confusion. For the teens involved, the fallout at school, online, and in the courtroom is devastating. 

Directed by Tilly Jackson. Starring Kelsey Hines, Alex Fullerton, Mallory Kelly, and Robbie Lynn.

Performances: Thursday, August 3-Saturday, August 5, 7:30 PM nightly. Memorial Hall, UNB | Admission: $15 Regular; $10 Students/Seniors/Underwaged

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