“NotaBle Acts is a fantastic hothouse for theatre in Fredericton. It gives a home to so many emerging artists at the beginning of their study and practice in every aspect of theatre, as well as to mid-career and senior artists, who are given the opportunity to perform, direct and design, as well as have their new work read, workshopped and test driven in front of warm and appreciative audiences. I look forward to seeing the Festival continue to evolve and grow!”

Mieko Ouchi, Playwright and 2013 Dramaturge-in-Residence at NotaBle Acts

“For an artist, there’s nothing like summertime in New Brunswick. You crave other artists to work with and create with. As an actor, I couldn’t have asked for more from NotaBle Acts. In the few years I participated, I got to travel back in time and forward. I was challenged to step into characters that were so removed from myself, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to find and play them! But the festival is where actors can experiment, and above all else, play. There’s a safety net that’s created by the trust the playwrights, directors and actors have in one another as a community that then allows every artist to push themselves. The result is some truly great and often unique theatre.”

Sam Kamras, Actor

“NotaBle Acts is an amazing opportunity for local artists in Fredericton – it’s a supportive platform for those artists emerging into the professional field, and a playground for those with theatre as a passion instead of a career. The collaborative nature of theatre is played to its best in this festival, where all are welcome and everyone works to show everyone else at their best. Len and the NBActs team are tireless and encouraging and awesome – I mean, they got my play set on a bus to be performed on an actual city bus. How cool is that?”

Sarah Higgins, Playwright

“Notable Acts is a godsend for theatre artists in New Brunswick. I’ve been involved as an actor, writer and director in the past years and it has been extremely influential on me. For people on any side of theatre, Notable Acts is an awesome training ground to hone your skills. I’ve seen people go through Notable Acts who have never acted/written/directed get their first shot at Notable Acts and have gone on to do great things. Hell, they even produced the first ever real script I wrote and helped me realize how amazing writing can be.”

Jake Martin, Actor/Director/Playwright


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