Announcing NB Acts’ One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer (and 3 Plays) at the King Street Ale House!

NotaBle Acts is pleased to announce a partnership with our friends at the King Street Ale House, a promotion that will run in conjunction with our performances of Street Scenes: Three Site-Specific Plays. After each performance of Street Scenes (July 25, 29, 30, and August 1, starting at 7:30 PM on the Green beside the Beaverbrook Art Gallery) King Street Ale House will welcome the cast, crew, and audience of the show for a drink-tasting event themed for the plays of the night.

Why One Bourbon, One Scotch, and One Beer? You’ll understand after you see the shows, trust us! But for now, we’ll just say: apologies to George Thorogood… The way it works is this: each night a special bourbon and scotch will be on offer, along with fresh local microbrews from NB Acts sponsor Picaroons Traditional Ales, all at Happy Hour prices! And no, you don’t have to have one (or just one) of each (but you know you want to, right?)—mix and match as you please! Reservations will be taken before the start of the show, or email us at to reserve! (Advance reservations recommended for Friday shows).

For more information on the plays in Street Scenes (John and Libby: River Play by Linda McNutt, Tam O’Shanter by Michael Woodside, and The Pugilist by Jake Martin), click on the “Lineup” tab elsewhere on this site.

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