Meet Playwright Jean-Michel Cliche

Jean-Michel’s new play Hinter will debut as part of this year’s Notable Acts Theatre Festival.

New Brunswick theatre audiences know the name Jean-Michel Cliche. For the past several years, he has been an active member of the provincial theatre community acting in productions by Theatre UNB, Bard in the Barracks, Theatre Free Radical, Next Folding Theatre Company, Theatre New Brunswick and Notable Acts Theatre Company to name a few.

This season, we’re proud to include Jean-Michel’s new play, Hinter as part of our Acting Out series.

In this audio feature, we ask Jean-Michel to explain a bit about his play and how his years spent working with Fredericton playwrights Len Falkenstein and Ryan Griffith has influenced his writing.

“Now that I’m going through it again creating different drafts and thinking about, ‘why is this in here?’ and ‘why do I write like this?’, I’m realizing there is a heavy influence from Ryan Griffith and also Len Falkenstein,” he said. “They both have a view that is mundane, where the regular world all the sudden gets infiltrated by something that is supernatural.”

Click the link below to hear the interview and catch Jean-Michel’s play Hinter, as part of this year’s Acting Out: Two One Act Plays series, August 3-5 at Memorial Hall (UNB), 7:30 p.m. | $15 regular, $10 students, seniors & underwaged.

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