Playwriting Contest Status Update

In case you’ve been wondering or had any doubts, rest assured that our 2020 playwriting contest will proceed as planned, with the same deadlines (April 23 for the regular contest, May 22 for the school categories). It’s too early to say whether or how the pandemic might affect this summer’s NotaBle Acts Summer Theatre Festival, but the contest will operate as per normal and we’re confident there will be a festival this summer, even if it ends up looking a bit different than usual. But let’s keep our collective fingers crossed, stay home (and write those plays! Shakespeare and King Lear and all that!) and hope for the best. Looking forward to receiving a bumper crop of pandemic-and non-pandemic-inspired plays in a month’s time!

Full contest rules and details below, or click the button above.

Photo from Jake Martin’s post-apocalyptic one act Wasters (2016)waster donovan

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