Monica Rennick makes NotaBle Acts debut with, Closure.

Playwright Monika Rennick makes her Notable Acts debut this year with her play Closure, a play about failure, expectations, endings and new beginnings.  

“I’ve always loved mother-daughter relationships and how nuanced and complex they are,” said Rennick. “Just because you love someone doesn’t stop them from getting on your nerves and vice versa. I wanted to write a story exploring a dynamic that balances animosity and the innate desire for approval that we all have.”

Rennick was inspired to write the story in a play format when she saw an ad for this year’s playwriting contest and credits being able to write a first draft in an hour as part of her motivation.

Closure is one of four 10-minute plays being presented as part of this year’s Taking it to the Streets series. Over the past few years this free series of outdoor plays have been presented at both the Beaverbrook Art Gallery and Barracks Square. We’re excited to be hosting our 20th anniversary instalment of Taking it to the Streets in Officers Square beginning on July 26.

“I think NotaBle Acts is incredibly important,” said Rennick, speaking to the opportunities the festival provides to new and emerging writers. “My writing has never been shared like this before, and I’m beyond grateful to have this opportunity. By offering emerging writers a platform from which to share their voice, NotaBle Acts is proving to them that their writing is worth being heard. Not only am I getting something cool to slap on my resume, but my confidence in myself and my writing has received a huge boost. That’s amazing.”

Monika Rennick is a New Brunswick-based writer that is currently working on a Literature degree. NotaBle Acts Theatre Festival will be the first time her work is shared widely enough that she can’t say, “I know it’s messy,” to everyone that takes it in. She’s nervous about that. Monika is a fan of any form of storytelling, and if she could have a superpower it would be the ability to have whatever food she’s craving appear out of thin air.  

Rennick’s play Closure will be featured as part of this year’s Taking it to the Streets series of 10-minutes plays performed in Officer’s Square July 26-29 at 7:30m p.m. 

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