Site-Specific Winners!

Announcing the winners of the Site-Specific category of the 2014 NotaBle Acts Playwriting Competition! It’s taken us a bit of time to nail down the locations for these plays, but now we are thrilled to announce them:

John & Libby: River Play by Linda McNutt

Two strangers meet in front of the Saint John River at flood peak and share facts, jokes, and life lessons in this bittersweet play about the fragility of human interactions.

The Pugilist by Jake Martin

Drunken brawls may be the norm outside the Tannery at closing time on a Friday night, but when a time-travelling boxer shows up demanding a fight, things start to get really punchy.

Tam O’Shanter by Michael Woodside

The spirit of Robbie Burns conjures temptation for a Fredericton lad and lassie infused with Burns’ favorite spirit on a night pulsing with the sounds of a demon bagpiper.

*Dates and times TBA – stay tuned!*

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