Call for Submissions

Call for Submissions MY MOST CHERISHED LETTER —How long has it been since you received a thoughtful hand written letter?

NotaBle Acts Artist in Residence / Festival Dramaturg Heather Inglis is seeking handwritten letters to be featured as part of a Performance Installation MY MOST CHERISHED LETTER presented on July 28th and 29th as part of the NotaBle Acts Festival.

MY MOST CHERISHED LETTER will animate cherished handwritten letters sourced from Fredericton and area.

Receiving a handwritten letter is becoming an experience of the past. In the world of electronic media we write increasingly short notes that are delivered instantly. We take less time with our communication and in turn it gets less precise. Handwriting is becoming a skill we no longer need. But receiving a loving written letter was once one of the most significant experiences in a person’s life. Not so long ago, letter writing was both an art and an act of love. MY MOST CHERISHED LETTER celebrates letters and letter writing via interactive performance installation.

Fredericton and area residents are invited contact Ms. Inglis to set up an appointment to share their cherished letters with her.

The letters will not be damaged or altered in any way.

Messages can be left at 458-7406 or e-mail

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