Play Out Loud: Play Reading Series Tonight!

TONIGHT at the NotaBle Acts Theatre Festival: Readings of the Runners-Up for our One-Act Competition, 7:30pm at The Beaverbrook Art Gallery
Admission by donation


“Innocence Lost” by Bet O’Toole
A high-ranking Cardinal comes to a town full of “witches” and the townspeople expect exorcisms; however, his interaction with a prophetic young girl causes him to doubt the validity of “female demons” and even the authority of the Church.

“The Dangerous Years” by Bruce Allen Lynch
When a young Jane Austen is forced to examine the line between reality and her novels, she makes an unexpected discovery about love, both familial and romantic.

“The False Neighbour” by Step Taylor
April wasn’t expecting company when she heard a knock on her door, and she certainly wasn’t expecting the intrigue and witty banter that came when she opened the door to a slightly suspicious but charming neighbour.

See you there for a great night of theatre!

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