“My Most Cherished Letter” Tonight at NBActs!

Looking for a theatre experience unlike any other? Then you won’t want to miss “My Most Cherished Letter”, a performance piece by Heather Inglis, the award-winning dramaturg, director, and leading mind behind Edmonton, Alberta’s Theatre Yes who is serving as NotaBle Acts Dramaturg/Artist in Residence this year. Inglis is a creator of performance installations, works that blur the line between theatre, performance art, and art gallery-style installations.

“My Most Cherished Letter” will see actors animate handwritten letters that Inglis has sourced from the Fredericton region. In a world of instant digital communication, does the handwritten word still mean something, still resonate? “My Most Cherished Letter” will be a theatrical experience quite unlike any seen in Fredericton to date. The performance can be visited (gallery-style) any time between 8 PM and 9:30 PM on July 28 and 29 at the Theatre New Brunswick Studio, 55 Whiting Road. Admission by donation.

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