Final Four Days, Still Eight Plays!

In the final four days of the 2015 NotaBle Acts Theatre Festival, you can still catch eight new plays that are the winners of the ten-minute and one-act categories of the annual playwriting contest.

spaceman 2015 brunThe four winners of the contest’s one act category, always one of the festival’s highlights and a primary focus of NB Acts’ developmental mandate, will be presented as staged readings at Memorial Hall, UNB, from July 29-August 1, 8 PM nightly. Spaceman by Jake Martin (right) is a touching comedy about a woman who is surprised when the space-obsessed father who abandoned her comes back into her life. The Beavercreek Vacancy by Gordon Mihan is an absurd, apocalyptic comedy set in the lobby of a fading motel poised on the brink of a hydro dam that is about to fail in a massive rainstorm. Portrait of a One-Eyed Man by Bruce Allen Lynch is a Russia-set espionage thriller inspired by the real life story of an ex-Soviet agent assassinated in London, and Jolt by Tilly Jackson (below) is a dark drama about a family struggling with mental illness.

jolt 2015 brun

Spaceman and The Beavercreek Vacancy will be performed as a twin-bill on Wed. July 29 and Fri., July 31, with Portrait of a One-Eyed Man and Jolt performed together on July 30 and August 1.

Running daily at noon through Friday, July 31 in Barracks Square, Taking it to the Streets is a production featuring free outdoor lunchtime theatre, staging the four winners of NB Acts 2015 ten-minute playwriting contest. Always popular with audiences and suitable for all ages, this years plays offer an hour of fast-paced, winning comedy. Alexa Higgins’ Bergman Gets Results takes us inside the minds of the members of a hilariously dysfunctional yoga class; Jake Martin’s Someone Gets Shot is a comic thriller that ends with a bang; Jeff Lloyd’s A Curious Incident at the Park in the Daytime (below) makes a bestselling book the possible dealmaker/breaker in a chance romantic encounter; and Gordon Mihan’s Rest in Peace, Mr. Fish is part murder mystery, part bereavement session for four people who love their goldfish way too much, and features a toilet as its central set piece (for obvious reasons..).

curious incident edited
Click the links above for full show, schedule and ticket details, and don’t miss the final action-packed days of the 2015 festival!

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