Acting Out: The Second Winner of our One-Act Playwriting Contest!

Next in our list of what’s coming soon to the 2022 NotaBle Acts Summer Theatre Festival, the second play in our double-feature of Acting Out: the two winners of our One-Act Playwriting Contest for 2022.

I Hope You Can See the Birds By Kaitlyn Adair

Directed by Alex Rioux and featuring John Macaulay, Dani Brun, Circe Cain, Devin Rockwell, and Julie McDonald

In this intimate narrative of death and dying, together with his daughter and granddaughter, Bryan, a senior in the hospital following a heart attack, confronts his own mortality in a long string of goodbyes,  heartbreaks, visions, and enlightenments.

Acting Out will be performed at 7:30 nightly, July 28-30 at Memorial Hall, UNB

Graphic by Mary Walker

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